Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Space Between

Is an idea that I played with in my mind starting in 2014.  I don't know where it came from but I started to notice the space between things.  It could have come from the loss of my Father.  I lost him on June 16, 2011. The space between us started with our iPhone.  When he was still living his phone would not call my phone for about one year.
"A space, but not a space."
So, we had space between before the real space between.  I also heard the space between in one of Alicia Keys song Un-thinkable.  It moves me like nothing else when the beat stops then comes back.  It does something magical to me and I wonder to myself if anyone else loves it as much as I do?  The song and the space isn't the space between the notes. What really makes the music anyway?  The space between this realm and the next.  The space between as you move through labor.  The space between you and God. Now that is a question.  Is there space between you and God?  I don't think so.  He is always with us.  A space, but not a space.

Sometimes we take space from God but He not from us.  
When we take that space between God and get off track it can be a hard time.  Because we let go of God and go to our own devices that let us down.  We need space between many things but not God.  But we don't need to take space between, but His in the space between.  If we did not have space between words we would have a difficult time reading.  Even the space between the letters is important.  The space between our thoughts is divine time.  A time we can commune with the ethereal oneness of the universe.  We always need space between in all areas of life.  Space helps us to grow in ways we never knew possible.  Until one day we have united again.  I long for the day I enter into God-TIME and unite with my father again.

There is even space between the muscles created when we practice yoga – we breathe into the space between in our practice to grow and expand, but what about the space between our breath?

One space between that I don't like is an open space in a table where crumbs fall, not a good space.  When we dream we are in a space between but what if you did not dream and you were truly awake? No more dreams, just awake.  Even space has space between.  When we go out into space (space out) we are in the space between.  Is there a space between life and death?
"We must keep it going." 
A small pinpoint of a space between, drive you into a new realm.  Sometimes you must actively take a space between when you know nothing else will do.  Two people going at it and nothing else to do but to take a space between.  To fully breath in and breath out.  Inhale/Exhale that is what keeps us in the here and now.

We must keep it going.  Although is it possible to take a space between the breaths and then come back to your inhalation and exhalation?  How long of a space between the breaths can we take and still come back to this realm?  The space between creates everything.  Just look at your fingers and really study it.  Look at the lines that make the space between.  It gives them definition and you see other spaces between the next line.

If it was all one and we had no space between would we be God?  All One.  To make a cire we have no space between but in the center, we have space between the lines but the circle itself is one complete motion.  A period is different in that itself, there is no space between but to see the period you have to see the space between the period and the rest of the page.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Present While Pregnant

With so many distractions in today's world, how do we find the time to be present while pregnant? Although it may seem impossible, I would start by putting your phone down. If you need some help with this one, listen to Erykah Badu, (Phone Down.) This song will get you in the mood to develop the skills necessary to put your phone down. 

Once you do not have the constant distraction of your cell phone you can tune in.  Into what you ask? Tune into your BREATH. The easiest way to do this is to count the number of seconds it takes you to inhale and the number of seconds it takes you to exhale. Try to make your inhales and exhales balanced "equal in the count. That's what we are looking for in all areas of our life is a balance. So start with your breath and balance it. This will then lead to all other areas of your life.  Your baby deserves the best from you and this is a fundamental beginning.   You are their TEACHER and you help them to establish a remembrance of your breath so they can know how to breathe.

Take a few moments now to meditate and focus on your breathing and learn to be present while pregnant:
  1. Find a comfortable seat
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Focus your attention on your inhale and exhale
  4. Be still and breathe for one minute 
If you already have children you can still develop a healthy habit of disconnecting so you can connect.  Way too many children are glued to their cell phone. Including mine at times. There are even mobile apps that help parents to protect their little ones and avert the dangers children face today. Many of these threats are closely associated with the use of mobile devices and the internet. In order to be present while parenting we need to be proactive in teaching children the importance of balance.  
"Practice how to balance your breathing and be present while parenting."
In order to do that this morning,  my son and I worked with a balancing scale and practiced how to visually balance of the two scales in a different way than you might do in a yoga pose such as Vriksasana or tree pose. We need to teach this skill of balance and breath so our next generation will learn a more efficient way to breathe.  Practice how to balance your breathing and be present while parenting.

Bryne Boyer is the founder of Amrit by Bryne Boyer, an online destination for helping mothers experience the childbirth journey and beyond.  Learn more at or call 214.726.5111