Monday, June 10, 2019

Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga for Pregnant Women

When you get the opportunity to study with the first Khalsa Way baby you know you are blessed.

Last month I had the blessing to study with Wah Khalsa in Portland, Oregon.  It was a beautiful meeting of two souls who have a passion for helping women during pregnancy.  Khalsa Way is my most treasured yoga training because it charted my course and set me on a glorious path into the birth world.  This was especially exciting for me because I trained under her mother, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, the instructor who started this revolutionary method she called The Khalsa Way.

"You have the power to have this baby."

Khalsa is a derivative of a Sanskrit word that means pure. But Gurmukh says, pure means conscious; you have the power to have this baby, you don’t need to buy into western medicine that you cannot do it: you can do it because God gave you the power to do it.

Even though some of her ideas may sound too unconventional for the typical American mother-to-be, Gurmukh says that what they teach is not that out there, but rather just practical knowledge. Baby wants mama, baby wants milk, baby wants to sleep.  So we teach basics, things that people in so many countries are already doing.  Instead of dividing the practice in trimesters as normally happens in Hatha Yoga, the Khalsa Way method allows women to practice most of the asanas up to the last stages of their pregnancy.

"Tap into your God-given power to deliver your baby."

The Khalsa Way was founded by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in 1995.  She was already an established Kundalini Yoga teacher and was a student of Yogi Bhajan. When pregnant women started coming to her regular Kundalini class she realized a great need for the teaching to be specialized for mama’s to be. Yogi Bhajan gave Gurmukh his blessing to translate the teachings for the pregnancy community. And so it began. Starting with just a few mamas in her home, it has grown over 20 years supporting Khalsa Way teachers and communities all over the world.

If you are pregnant and want to tap into your God-given power to deliver your baby into the world without popular medications that are widely used, please contact Amrit by Bryne Boyer to learn how the Khalsa Way can be a blessing.